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Room 2.136 - Nikon SMZ-1500 Stereo Microscope Stand with Photometrics Coolsnap ES CCD camera

Stereo widefield microscope with 100W Mercury lightsource and CMOS camera. Suited for imaging fixed samples, samples with low fluorescence and live imaging.

Features Include:

  • Motorised Z Drive

Transmitted Light:  Nikon 100W Halogen Lamp

Reflected Light:  Nikon Intensilight 100W Mercury White Lightsource


Position Objective Magnification N.A. Immersion W.D. (mm) Type Type Thread
1 Plan Apochromat 0.5x 0.1 Dry 150      
2 Plan Apochromat 1x 0.2 Dry 100      
3 Plan Apochromat 2x 0.4 Dry 50      


Fluorescent Filter Sets:

Position Name Excitation Dichroic Emission Suitable Dyes
1 DAPI - 5060C 377/50 409LP 447/60 DAPI, Hoechst
2 CFP - 2432C 438/24 458LP 483/32 CFP, Cerulean
3 GFP-3000B 488/10 505LP 530/60 GFP, A488



Dell PC - 3GHz Xeon Processor - 32GB RAM - 1GB nVidia Quadro GPU

1TB Raid Array

30" LCD Monitor



NIS Elements 4.3







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