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Room 6.018 - Olympus IX81 Inverted Microscope Stand with Hamamatsu Orca CCD camera

Inverted widefield microscope with Xenon lightsource, high speed filter wheels and CCD camera. Suited for imaging fixed samples on slides, samples with low fluorescence and live imaging.

Features Include:

  • Fully motorised X-Y-Z stage
  • CO2 and temperature incubation for live cells and tissue
  • Tiled imaging
  • Multi-position imaging

Transmitted Light:  Olympus 100W Halogen Lamp

Reflected Light:  Olympus MT20 Xenon White Lightsource


Name N.A. W.D. mm Position 1 Position 2 Position 3 Position 4 Position 5 Position 6
Universal LWD 0.45 54 Open PhL Ph1 Ph2 DIC I DIC II


Position Objective Magnification N.A. Immersion W.D. (mm) Type Type Thread
1 Plan Apochromat 10x 0.4 Dry - DIC   M27
2 Plan Apochromat 20x 0.75 Dry - DIC   M27
3 Plan Apochromat 40x 1.0 Oil - DIC   M27
4 Plan Apochromat 60x 1.35 Oil - DIC   M27


Fluorescent Filter Sets:

Position Name Excitation Dichroic Emission Suitable Dyes
1 GFP/RFP S500/20 dual band dual band GFP, RFP, mCherry
2 CFP/YFP S430/25

dual band

dual band

3   S565/55      
4   S470/30      



Dell PC - 3GHz Xeon Processor - 8GB RAM - 256GB nVidia Quadro GPU

1TB Raid Array

30" LCD Monitor






Incubation chamber with CO2 and Temperature control




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